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Blower Inflatable Bubble House

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The blower need to be connected all the time to keep the tent inflated, the air column keep the tent stable and will not collapse when people come in and out.

Material: 0.8mm transparent PVC, with unique styling, exquisite material selection Bubble tent is the ultimate outdoor space.

The geodesic shape of the dome allows the strongest design to withstand strong winds (up to 31 miles per hour) or snow snow (up to 90 pounds).


Name:Inflatable Bubble House

Tent size: 2 people

Tent structure: single-level account

Remark: The blower is working until you don't use the bubble house and the blower stops

Blower: Waterproof

Construction: Free Construction Speed

Adjustment time: four season account

Tent Room Structure: One Bedroom

Book end material: Oxford cloth

External material: PVC

Outdoor waterproof index: more than 3000MM

When the waterproof index exceeds 3000MM

Package Includes:

1 X Inflatable Bubble Tent