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Peak Power 3800W High Pressure Car Washing Machine Cleaner With Car Washing Water Gun Foam Generator Aerospace Grade Motor

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Product Highlights

  1. Super-power high-pressure cleaner;
  2. Aerospace grade, pure copper, induction motor;
  3. Turbocharged water pump,14mm plunger, high-quality aluminum material, precision pump head design;
  4. Super large water output;
  5. Built-in smart chip;
  6. Multi-layer protection, safe use;
  7. Easy to carry;
  8. Complete accessories;
  9. Support customization. High pressure and large flow will bring you a different experience.

The main parameters

  1.  Peak power: 3800W
  2.  Rated voltage: 220V-230V
  3.  Peak pressure: 15Mpa、150kg water pressure
  4.  Net weight of host: 10.5kg
  5.  Appearance size: 294*290*580.2mm
  6.  Water output speed: 12L/Min
  7.  Plunger specifications: 14mm
  8.  Noise reduction: 60BD

Motor advantages

Built-in aerospace-grade pure copper motor, electromagnetic induction work, noise is reduced to 60BD; no brush wear, durable, more worry-free maintenance, and long motor life.

Create high-quality products with real materials

Compared with other general products, X800 has great advantages in configuration and material selection design.

Powerful turbine, increased pressure pump head

The high-power pressurized water is more powerful, and it is easy to rinse. Except that the motor is made of pure copper, the pump adopts high-quality aluminum material and a 14mm plunger design, which not only ensures strong water pressure, but also achieves large water flow.

Multiple water outlet modes for multiple purposes

The package includes a wealth of car wash accessories, and the attached high-pressure water gun has multiple spray modes to meet different usage scenarios.

Smart chip, multiple protection

Built-in smart chip with overheat protection function. When the motor is overloaded, the machine will automatically stop; Equipped with a water pressure warning meter, you can know the pressure dynamics at any time; Automatic induction, the machine starts and stops synchronously with the water gun. Intelligent exhaust pressure relief to reduce losses.

Appearance and details display

Convenient two-wheel design, which can be hand-held or hand-held; Self-priming dual-purpose function, easily solve water source problems; Detail display: pure copper interface, quick plug interface, double-layer waterproof insulated switch, filter screen, high-pressure explosion-proof water pipe, etc.


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